FAQ for Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights, LED Vanity Mirror Light Kit

December 20, 2018

FAQ for Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights, LED Vanity Mirror Light Kit

Here are some FAQ for Chende hollywood vanity mirror.


For Vanity Mirror Model 6550/8065


1. Q: Are the bulbs can be replaced?

    A: Of course. You could replace the bulbs if you don’t like or broken. But please remember the wattage of each bulb cannot exceed 25W, or the circuit will be damaged.

2. Q: Does it come with finish installation or I need to assembly it?

    A: The mirrors are need to be assembled. They will come with an instruction manual and it is easy to be installed.

3. Q: I worry about the mirror broken, what can I do if it was damaged I received?

     A: If the mirror you received was broken, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to solve it for you.

4. Q: Doesit just can be stand on the table or also can be mounted on the wall?

    A: Mirror with frame can be stand on the table also mounted on the wall. But mirror frameless cannot hung on the wall.

5. Q: Are all accessories included?

    A: Yes. All of them included. If you have not receive the accessories, do not hesitate to contact us.


For Vanity Mirror Model 4030

1. Q: Do the bulbs can be replaced?

    A: No, they can't.

2. Q: Does everything come with the mirror?

    A: Yes, everything will be in the package. You don’t need to purchase other hard ware.

3. Q: Does it need to be assecbmly?

    A: Yes, it will need you to install the base but it is very easy to do it.

4. Q: Does it take batteries or be plug in?

    A: It will come with a plug to plug in and don’t need batteries.

5. Q: Is it yellow light or LED white light?

  A: This mirror has 3 light color mode. They are 3000K warm yellow, 4000k daylight and 6000K cool white. Light of each mode is dimmable.


For LED Vanity Mirror Light

1. Q: Can you connect two kits of lights together?

    A: We are so sorry that it cannot. But you could them together but plug separately.

2. Q: How do I dim the light? 

    A: Tap and hold the power button and it should dim the lights. If you want to brighten the lights, then simply tap and hold the power button once again. 

3. Q: how long do the bulbs last for?

    A: The life time of this light bulbs kit is 5,000 hours.

4. Q: How long is the cord from the plug to the first bulb?

    A: The total length include the dimmer and plug is 16.55ft.

5. Q: Does it must stick on the mirror?

    A: We suggest to stick on the mirror. But it also can be stuck on the smooth frame. ( Please pay attention to cleaning the frame or mirror before sticking.)

6. Q: What can i do if i don’t need so much bulbs?

    A: If you don’t need so many bulbs, you could cut it down. But the bulbs which are cut down will be useless. Therefore, please consider carefully before cutting.

7. Q: Does the bulbs can be replaced?

    A: No, it doesn’t.


If you have any other questions, please leave a message or contact us.